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Webroot Key code | Webroot Product | 20-digits/characters alpha-numeric code

Webroot key code

For every genuine and reputed product software it has a valid key code, Webroot keycode consist of 20-digit key and it is Alpha numeric. This key is required to use during installation on activation wizard screen to make the product licensed or to make it activated. In most of the software the activation is required after installation however in case of Webroot it is required during installation. If Webroot keycode is incorrect then the installation will not be proceeded until the correct key is being used. Because of incorrect reading or recognition error mistakes are done with these keys B with 8, S With 5, S with 8, & I with 1.  To understand the format of Webroot Key code, please visit

The key code can re- used depending upon the following situation

  • One key is valid for multiple user
  • System undergone reinstallation & reinstallation is required.
  • New system is purchased & installation is required.
  • Webroot secure anywhere is mal functioning and it is required to reinstall.
  • The existing version of Webroot is expired and either it must be renewed or reinstall with New Key code.

Webroot Key code can be purchased from

  • Online from web portal
  • Retail card from Store
  • Installation CD from store/Online

Retail card has the key in hidden & it can be obtained by peeling the sticker. Be careful while peeling the sticker because for some reason if it ripped or tore then you are inviting an inconvenience however it can be addressed by contacting support team

Webroot Product

Webroot has shown an excellent result in terms of phishing protection, it blocked more that 97% of phishing sites this makes Webroot as the best antivirus in the market. It does not impact on system performance without compromising security which is why it is dominating in the market.

  • Installation process is very simple and easy.
  • It works flawlessly by its own, automatically it optimizes its performance.
  • Automatic scan take place by its own, the quick scan takes very less time
  • Still supports Win XP and Mac X 10.7 (Lion)

Webroot has various version with various feature

  • Secure Anywhere Antivirus (One PC)
  • Internet Security Plus (protection for three devices)
  • Internet Security Complete (protection for five devices +25GB Storage, one year)
  • Internet Security Complete Family Pack: (Protection for ten devices + 25GB Cloud Storage)
  • Endpoint Protection
  • DNS Protection

For more information about editions visit

Best features of Webroot products are given below

  • Very simple user interface
  • Speedy installation
  • Very fast
  • Very light Program
  • Accurate URL Blocking and filtering
  • Realtime threat protection and anti-phishing
  • Anti-ransomware
  • Strong Firewall
  • Email and Chat/IM protection

You can use this program as a trial version to check how it works and if its meeting your requirement or if the features are attractive. offers you to user trial version without providing credit card details however it is required to register your name and email. On upon registration it provides a download link through email along with 14 days trial key.

While using Webroot secure anywhere it consumes negligible amount of system memory.

Webroot secure anywhere is the basic or entry level protection. With this edition you can protect both Windows and Mac how it does not support smartphone.

Webroot security Plus is compatible for smartphone and other mobile devices wherein the Internet security complete offers you attractive feature by providing 25 Gb cloud storage in addition to all previous feature.

The Installation process for all editions are same and as follows.

  • You PC must have high speed internet connectivity
  • Be ready with 20 Digit key code (refer to
  • Open the link download on any browser
  • Download the set up file WSAINSTALL.EXE
  • Run the set up file
  • Enter the key and click on submit on activation wizard screen
  • Wait till the installation is finished
  • Run first scan

If you already have Webroot which is expired now or if it was running 14 days trial version then

  • Open the Webroot user console
  • Go to My account
  • Just below “ Activate a new key code” enter the Serial key code
  • Click on activate

Webroot turn to red when it is not activated however as soon the product is activated, it will immediately turns to green. For any technical support dial XXX-XXX-XXXX or visit

20-digits/characters alpha-numeric code

The key code of Webroot consists of 20 alphanumeric characters which can be found on the back of the Webroot CD box or retail card (Peel the card very gently to get the keycode)

Here is the sample of Product serial Key to let you understand

You may notice that Webroot keycode box comes with a another code that starts with WBR and this is not the serial key, It may also be available at the bottom of the purchase receipt if its purchased from Best Buy. WBR is an unique key & its mapped with unique Webroot key code.

If it is purchased online then the key code will sent through email. While peeling the key it is very important to do it gently else it may tore or ripped. If it is ripped then it’s good for nothing however still there is a hope to retrieve they key.

  • Visit on your browser and go to support section
  • Fill the relevant information such as WBR code, Name, Email and upload purchase receipt as well.
  • To be more transparent take a snap of ripped retail card & upload the same on the portal
  • Click on submit
  • Webroot support team will verify customer details

It is mandatory to share the purchase receipt copy else the request may be rejected. If the verification is successful then the keycode would be shared through email, now with the help of the key the program can be installed.

Don’t hesitate to contact to tech expertise when you need assistance at  XXXX-XXX-XXX or visit

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