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Is your computer running out of a security or is your Webroot secure anywhere expired. Do not use your computer without security, get Webroot today and install on your system to keep your system safe and secure. You should not use a computer without security because you never when your system is infected with viruses, trojan, malware etc. Hence we must install an antivirus program which protects the system against

  • Viruses
  • Trojan
  • Malware, adware
  • Cyberattack (e.g. Crypto locker Ransomware)
  • Malicious application

Apart from all the mentioned features, the program must have Realtime protection feature & is the only security programs which have all these features.

There are several channels through it can be purchased from

  • Online com/secure
  • Retail store
  • Any other shopping website

The License key or the activation consists of 20 Digit alphanumeric key and it can be found.

When it is purchased from a retail store, at the backside of the card there is a sticker, After peeling the sticker the key code can be found.

If the product is purchased from Online then the key code must be in your email inbox.

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