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Troubleshooting Steps Webroot Error Code

Steps Webroot Error Code 100, Error Code 1706, Webroot Error Code 10

As everybody is families that Webroot secure anywhere is the safe & lightest antivirus program which is capable of addressing all security-related issue. The basis on the testing, analysis couple of error and issue has been observed such as Error Code 100, Error Code 1706, Error code 10, etc. This is true that Usage and specification vary from system to system. There can be many software, heavy software or basic software on a system however when it comes for safety and security -Webroot always has shown its remarkable presence and aggressiveness to keep the system safe and secure. The Webroot Error Code 100, Error Code 1706 / Error Code 10 usually appears during improper installation and uninstallation or some time it appears while working on system & it happens when pre-mature installation takes place. This improper installation, uninstallation or pre-mature installation impact on the registry or corrupt the registry and system file. This kind of error can also sabotage (Crash) the Computer system or may slow down the computer performance. It is described below with some easy steps through which these issues can be fixed.

Cause of Webroot error code 100

  • The Webroot software set up file required for installation is corrupted, incomplete.
  • The installation has taken place with corrupted setup file
  • The installation has taken place partially i.e. known as pre-mature installation.
  • Registry files of the computer are corrupted.
  • Due to confliction of Firewall with any other existing antivirus.
  • Anyone of these services Background intelligence services (BITS), Firewall, Base Filtering Engine (BFE) or IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules (IKEEXT) may not be functioning. May be these services are stopped.
  • Webroot Antivirus software files are being infected or defected.
  • Accidentally Webroot Antivirus program associated file has been deleted.

How to fix Webroot Error Code 100 –

Step 1 – Cleaning up the computer. Run Disk clean up, Delete Junk files (Temp and prefetch file) 

The cleaning process is also called Optimization. The basis on the daily usage of computer temporary files are prefetch files are being created on a daily basis however it’s always a good exercise to clean up these junk files periodically. This accumulated junk file may slow the system performance as a result Webroot secure anywhere may stop responding. Hence cleaning junk files periodically not only fix this issue but also it will help the system to perform better. The cleaning process has been explained below

  • Press both Windows + R key & release both the key to get Run prompt
  • With the help of disk cleanup command execute disk clean up process to free up space
  • It has also subcategory e.g. junk files, temporary internet files.
  • Run a malware scan to remove infections
  • Selected the boxes and click on ok to clean the junk files.

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Step 2 – Repair windows registry entries:

The registry is the heart of the operating system (OS), The OS is handled by the registry and if the registry is infected it is obvious that the system may not function properly.

Open the run panel or press Windows + R button.

  • Open the command prompt by typing the command CMD in the run box.
  • Now press enter, click on “YES” on user account control (UAC) to allow the permission to the program.
  • In the Run window or in the command prompt, type “Regedit”, and then press enter to open Registry Editor.
  • Now click on edit on registry windows and select find, Type “Webroot Error 100” in the search box to go to it key, in the Registry Editor.
  • Delete all founded error code.
  • Make sure to back up the registry before making any changes. Now click on export under the file menu and click on the “Save In” list select the folder to save the backup key.
Step 3 – system restore:

System restore is a process through a system can be restored to previous operating condition. It can be done from windows mode or from an advanced boot mode option.

  • Type “System Restore” in the search box then hit enter or with the help of restore – system restore can be opened.
  • On UAC screen type yes.
  • When the system restore screen appears to follow the instructions given on the screen step by step in order to initiate the system restore process.
  • It takes some time to complete the process.
  • Wait until the process is completed
  • On successful restoration, reboot the computer and check for the error message.

If the still same error “ Webroot Error 100” persists then visit for more help.


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