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Is your computer running out of a security or is your Webroot secure anywhere expired. Do not use your computer without security, get Webroot today and install on your system to keep your system safe and secure. You should not use a computer without security because you never when your system is infected with viruses, trojan, malware etc. Hence we must install an antivirus program which protects the system against

  • Viruses
  • Trojan
  • Malware, adware
  • Cyberattack (e.g. Crypto locker Ransomware)
  • Malicious application

Apart from all the mentioned features, the program must have Realtime protection feature & is the only security programs which have all these features.

There are several channels through it can be purchased from

  • Online com/secure
  • Retail store
  • Any other shopping website

The License key or the activation consists of 20 Digit alphanumeric key and it can be found.

When it is purchased from a retail store, at the backside of the card there is a sticker, After peeling the sticker the key code can be found.

If the product is purchased from Online then the key code must be in your email inbox.

For more information visit
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2019 Install Webroot Webroot Safe Webroot Safe Activate Webroot Secureanywhere Webroot Support online

How to Transfer Webroot Security from OLD PC to New Computer | Multiuser product key

Webroot Security From OLD PC To New Computer

Webroot is one of the best leading companies which provide security against Viruses, Trojan, Malware, adware, Ransomwares etc. It keeps developing its virus definition for its security program to make the security program more active in order to provide safety against threats. The subscription of this program is so flexi that it can be installed on end number of devices. This convenient feature is help user to transfer their security subscription to another devices with continuity of the active subscription. For more information visit

No body knows about uncertainty of an electronic device, a functional computer may not function tomorrow. User may not use a computer because of the age of the PC (became Old PC) and want to buy a new. Now the question is what will happen with the active license which was installed on the system on the explained scenario. No worry, Webroot secure anywhere gives flexibility that the same active subscription can be re-used on to New PC or on to Old PC again.

Stepwise procedure has been described bellow in order to transfer the subscription from Old PC to new PC or how-to re-use of the active subscription to any device.


Below given steps are to transfer Webroot subscription to new device. All the steps have to be followed in ascending order easy installation. Make sure that you must have 20-digit Alpha numeric key code. There are two way through which the installation can be done one is by using the key code directly during installation and the other one is installing from account.

Installing Webroot secure anywhere by using the key code.

Step 1: Be ready with the Webroot activation key

Step 2: You must have a high-speed Internet connectivity on your system wherein Webroot subscription is record  to transfer

Step 3: Make sure that the specification of the system is meeting the requirement of Webroot installation, for more details visit

Step 4: Open the browser to visit the link

Step 5: Download the set-up file wsainstall.exe

Step 6: Run the setup file and enter the activation key during installation wizard

Step 7: Click on submit and wait till the installation get completed

Step 8: Run introductory quick scan and restart the computer

Well transferring the Webroot subscription to another device sometimes the Webroot interface appears in red after installation that means the subscription has not been transferred properly in that case open the web root control which is look at it on the system tray.

  • Click on menu button
  • from the drop-down menu click on my account
  • on this console Brute subscription would be displayed
  • click on re-enter the activation key and enter the activation key again
  • click on submit

now it should work however for some reason if it doesn’t work uninstall the Webroot version and restart the computer. check if Internet is working properly or if there’s any fluctuation, if the Internet connectivity is proper then by following the above-mentioned steps, reinstall Webroot secure anywhere. What if Webroot activation error appears even after reinstallation then uninstall it from old Device and after uninstallation from old device, it is required to restart the new device.

How to uninstall Webroot subscription from older devices:-

If the License of a user has been installed to maximum number of device or exceeded number of devices allowed, then it violates License validation policy refer to the site for License and agreement. In such cases you must uninstall the antivirus program from Old PC to bring the active license up to number of allowed devices, e.g. if License is valid for 5 users and if the program is installed on 6 devices then from one of the devices Webroot antivirus has to be uninstalled to bring the active license for 5 deices.

In order to uninstall Webroot Software from the older device.

Step 1: Go to control Panel and select “Programs and feature” the run prompt type: Appwiz.cpl

Step 2: Windows 10 user can also user Power menu. Press “WINDOWS” key and “X” key and select “Apps and Feature”

Step 3: Select the “Program” and click on uninstall.

Step 4: Reboot the system after successful uninstallation.

Transferring Webroot subscription to new device by using my Account

Webroot can also be installed from Webroot account. When you have the key code, it is required to redeem the key with Webroot account at the 1st place and for that you must have an account. For more details how to create Webroot account visit install.

Below described steps will help you to install Webroot easily from account.

Step 1: Open the link on to the browser & Login with username & password.

Step 2: Click on My subscription. This will display, on how many devices this program is installed.

Step 3: Click on my subscription to check your subscription information & click on download & run installation

Step 4: Follow the installation wizard

If the installation fails

  • Reboot the system
  • Run malware scan or delete temporary & prefetch File
  • Uninstall & reinstall

For any further support contact Webroot expert support Team or call at XXXX-XXX-XXX.

Multi-User Product key

Webroot discount offer is available for multi-user License, Multi-user License is one license can be used for multiple devices. Remember those days when Every PC had one individual Webroot license was used however Webroot secure anywhere had minimized this gap that now one license can be used on multiple PC’s. If one user has 5 PC and once has been used however, he wants to install on another PC & it can be done very easily. The License can be verified online

Open the browser on another PC & follow the same installation process as explained above & during the activation wizard use the same License key which is used on 1 st PC. This is how it can be installed on 3rd, 4rth PC depending upon the number License you have.

The benefit of Multi-user License is that, you don’t have to purchase separately for multiple device & one license is enough to handle multiple PC.

2019 Install Webroot Webroot Safe Webroot Safe Activate Webroot Secureanywhere

Webroot Key code | Webroot Product | 20-digits/characters alpha-numeric code

Webroot key code

For every genuine and reputed product software it has a valid key code, Webroot keycode consist of 20-digit key and it is Alpha numeric. This key is required to use during installation on activation wizard screen to make the product licensed or to make it activated. In most of the software the activation is required after installation however in case of Webroot it is required during installation. If Webroot keycode is incorrect then the installation will not be proceeded until the correct key is being used. Because of incorrect reading or recognition error mistakes are done with these keys B with 8, S With 5, S with 8, & I with 1.  To understand the format of Webroot Key code, please visit

The key code can re- used depending upon the following situation

  • One key is valid for multiple user
  • System undergone reinstallation & reinstallation is required.
  • New system is purchased & installation is required.
  • Webroot secure anywhere is mal functioning and it is required to reinstall.
  • The existing version of Webroot is expired and either it must be renewed or reinstall with New Key code.

Webroot Key code can be purchased from

  • Online from web portal
  • Retail card from Store
  • Installation CD from store/Online

Retail card has the key in hidden & it can be obtained by peeling the sticker. Be careful while peeling the sticker because for some reason if it ripped or tore then you are inviting an inconvenience however it can be addressed by contacting support team

Webroot Product

Webroot has shown an excellent result in terms of phishing protection, it blocked more that 97% of phishing sites this makes Webroot as the best antivirus in the market. It does not impact on system performance without compromising security which is why it is dominating in the market.

  • Installation process is very simple and easy.
  • It works flawlessly by its own, automatically it optimizes its performance.
  • Automatic scan take place by its own, the quick scan takes very less time
  • Still supports Win XP and Mac X 10.7 (Lion)

Webroot has various version with various feature

  • Secure Anywhere Antivirus (One PC)
  • Internet Security Plus (protection for three devices)
  • Internet Security Complete (protection for five devices +25GB Storage, one year)
  • Internet Security Complete Family Pack: (Protection for ten devices + 25GB Cloud Storage)
  • Endpoint Protection
  • DNS Protection

For more information about editions visit

Best features of Webroot products are given below

  • Very simple user interface
  • Speedy installation
  • Very fast
  • Very light Program
  • Accurate URL Blocking and filtering
  • Realtime threat protection and anti-phishing
  • Anti-ransomware
  • Strong Firewall
  • Email and Chat/IM protection

You can use this program as a trial version to check how it works and if its meeting your requirement or if the features are attractive. offers you to user trial version without providing credit card details however it is required to register your name and email. On upon registration it provides a download link through email along with 14 days trial key.

While using Webroot secure anywhere it consumes negligible amount of system memory.

Webroot secure anywhere is the basic or entry level protection. With this edition you can protect both Windows and Mac how it does not support smartphone.

Webroot security Plus is compatible for smartphone and other mobile devices wherein the Internet security complete offers you attractive feature by providing 25 Gb cloud storage in addition to all previous feature.

The Installation process for all editions are same and as follows.

  • You PC must have high speed internet connectivity
  • Be ready with 20 Digit key code (refer to
  • Open the link download on any browser
  • Download the set up file WSAINSTALL.EXE
  • Run the set up file
  • Enter the key and click on submit on activation wizard screen
  • Wait till the installation is finished
  • Run first scan

If you already have Webroot which is expired now or if it was running 14 days trial version then

  • Open the Webroot user console
  • Go to My account
  • Just below “ Activate a new key code” enter the Serial key code
  • Click on activate

Webroot turn to red when it is not activated however as soon the product is activated, it will immediately turns to green. For any technical support dial XXX-XXX-XXXX or visit

20-digits/characters alpha-numeric code

The key code of Webroot consists of 20 alphanumeric characters which can be found on the back of the Webroot CD box or retail card (Peel the card very gently to get the keycode)

Here is the sample of Product serial Key to let you understand

You may notice that Webroot keycode box comes with a another code that starts with WBR and this is not the serial key, It may also be available at the bottom of the purchase receipt if its purchased from Best Buy. WBR is an unique key & its mapped with unique Webroot key code.

If it is purchased online then the key code will sent through email. While peeling the key it is very important to do it gently else it may tore or ripped. If it is ripped then it’s good for nothing however still there is a hope to retrieve they key.

  • Visit on your browser and go to support section
  • Fill the relevant information such as WBR code, Name, Email and upload purchase receipt as well.
  • To be more transparent take a snap of ripped retail card & upload the same on the portal
  • Click on submit
  • Webroot support team will verify customer details

It is mandatory to share the purchase receipt copy else the request may be rejected. If the verification is successful then the keycode would be shared through email, now with the help of the key the program can be installed.

Don’t hesitate to contact to tech expertise when you need assistance at  XXXX-XXX-XXX or visit

2019 Install Webroot Webroot Safe Webroot Safe Activate Webroot Secureanywhere Webroot Support online

Reinstall Webroot Keycode | Re-use Webroot Product | Webroot keycode ripped

Reinstall Webroot with key code –

The popularity or the demand of any product is because of its feature, value, cost and service. Bringing a new technology and feature of a product is an exciting venture. If the customers need is identified however comprehensive solutions are not available, these kinds of research are being conducted by a reputed company and this is what Webroot secure anywhere is doing. Basis on the need of end-user, enterprises designs antiviruses to meet their requirement without compromising at any front. The market study identified the cause of popularity of this programs are

  • Cost affective (cheaper price)
  • Consume very less system memory
  • One License for Multiple user
  • Easy to download and install
  • Very strong Firewall and effective

Smartphone users are increasing day by day and users find most of the features of a computer in smartphone hence it is recommended to protect smartphones as like as computers. The development of this new phase was initiated by Webroot Internet Security to protect your smart with is an antivirus internet security solution for end-user and enterprise users with various products i.e. products are being designed for home-segment computers, small/large offices as well as huge business enterprises to prevent potential dangers in real time. For more details about the product please visit

If it is required to reinstall, the reinstallation process does not take even a minute. Be advised of the followings before you reinstall Webroot with key code

  • There should be a high-speed internet connectivity to PC/Laptop
  • Be handy with 20-digit key code which was obtained by scratching the retail card.
  • Identify the cause of reinstallation, if the program is not functioning then
    1. Try rebooting the PC
    2. Try deleting the temporary & Prefetch file
    3. Try Disk clean up
    4. Check if the internet is working properly
  • Make sure to uninstall the existing Webroot secure anywhere
  • Check if there is any fake program or antivirus is installed, Uninstall then them if it is found.
  • Reboot the PC
  • Open the browser & on to the address bar type the link alternatively you may type
  • Then setup file with the name WSAINSTALL.EXE will be downloaded & initiate installation
  • On upon activation screen Enter the Key code & wait till complete installation take place.
  • Run a complete scan once after installation.

For any assistance either visit else call at XXXX-XXX-XXX.

Re-use Webroot Product

The re use of Webroot can be done without any worry. Webroot always give priority on customers need work every possible way to customers expectation and satisfaction. There are certain scenarios wherein re use of Webroot product take place.

  • System not functioning and purchased a new PC; installation is required to do in new system
  • During reinstall
  • Has one License for multiple PC & required to install on another PC
  • Program is not functioning
  • System freezing due to improper Webroot installation
  • It is conflicting with another install antivirus and reinstallation required.There are two way through which we can re-use Webroot product
  • Re-Use Webroot key during the installation
  • Redeem the key with Webroot account & reinstall from account

Re-Use Webroot key during installation:

  • Be ready with a high-speed internet connection
  • Open the browser (Internet explorer, chrome, Firefox etc.)
  • Type the link on to the browser address bar or type in the search box “Webroot download installation”
  • Download the setup file
  • Locate the file and double click on the file to install it.
  • Once the installation initiated wait till activation wizard screen appear
  • Enter the key code & click on submit
  • Once the installation is over, scan the computer thoroughly.

Redeem the key with Webroot account & reinstall from account

Before redeeming the key code make sure to scratch the retail card & find the key code at the same time make sure that your PC is running with good internet connection. Once the key is obtained

  • You must create an account with
  • On to the browser address bar type install
  • Click on sign up to create an account or sign in if you have already account
  • Type your name, email address and phone number, password and the security question in respective fields
  • Click on create account
  • Go to your email and check if there is any email from webroot for the verification purpose
  • A verification link will be there in that email, click on that to verify
  • Once the verification is done, click activate your key and click on submit after enring the key or directly type the link on to the browser and enter the key
  • Click on next, Webroot account log in page will be displayed and sign in with the credentials

Once the key is redeemed, end number of time installation can be done till the time the license allows to install.
e.g. if the license is valid for 5 PC then it can be installed up to any 5 devices.

When you need any Technical assistance dial XXX-XXX-XXXX or visit

Webroot keycode ripped

Webroot secure anywhere keycode can be obtained by peeling the sticker and sometime users reported that keycode is ripped or tore. In this scenario, at the back of box there is a code available that starts with WBR which is usually located near the barcode on the box. It also can be found at the bottom of the Best buy purchase receipt.

Note down the code & follow the following instructions

  • Visit on to the browser
  • Type your email address, WBR code, name and Phone number
  • Enter the CAPTCHA
  • Click on submit

Note** All key codes are mapped with the code starts with WBR and it is unique
On up receipt of that email, our support team will verify the code & will share the keycode through email.

2019 Install Webroot Webroot Safe Webroot Secure Webroot Support online

Webroot Support | | | Enter Product Key (Brief uses)

Webroot Support for Windows, MAC, mobile & tablet devices

We are standing on Web generation wherein Viruses, trojan, infection etc. spreads through electronic media. These worms can move from one corner of the globe to other in a fraction of second. The internet generation is full of websites wherein genuine, fake fraudulent & scam webpages are there. This e-generation has adopted brilliant technology and made very convenient in the way online shopping, Internet banking, Sharing files, email, Audio / Video call etc. On the other side evaluation of Internet has also given a risk.  It gives a space or boulevard to criminals to rip off unsuspecting. For more information visit

When we talk about any product We always think about the support after purchase. The support behind a product makes that product more valuable and popular. When it comes for computer security, there have been several antiviruses available in the market however we should be very wise when selecting the product.

Therefore, Webroot secure anywhere is the best antivirus because of its support and feature of the product.

The benefits of Webroot support are

  • It has one of the best support team, Team has very good knowledge about the products and feature
  • Support can be obtained online by visiting com/support
  • Team is very efficient while removing viruses, Trojan, infections etc.
  • What If help needed for installation, uninstallation the team is ready to help, and they work 24X7
  • They always work for customer satisfaction.
  • Call back request can be placed from online, simply visit and fill the relevant information which includes Name, Phone number and email and click on submit
  • On submission an email would be delivered to support team and the support team will revert after receiving email.

Solutions Guide

The most reliable computer security program is none other than Webroot antivirus and it has proven in the market. Because of its identity theft protection, real time protection, malware detection feature it becomes the first choice of customers. It provides high security with low cost without compromising system performance. Webroot has been designed for computers, laptop, tablet, smart Phone, Server etc. Webroot is available in the market with various version below are the list of products mentioned.

For windows

A desktop or Laptop with

  • Windows 7 all editions, Windows 8 & 8.1, 10 7 (all Editions), Microsoft windows Vista 32 & and 64-bit (all Editions)
  • A good internet speed connection.
  • RAM:  Recommendation = 2Gb, minimum requirement = 128MB
  • Hard drive Storage Space: 15MB
  • Browser: Internet explorer 9.0 and higher, Mozilla Firefox with latest version, Google Chrome with most recent versions, Microsoft edge
  • Processor: Intel Pentium /Celeron / Core I family, AMD K6/Athlon/Duron / Ryzen family, or another compatible processor

For Mac

  • Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan),10.12 (Sierra), 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.14(Mojave)
  • RAM:  128MB (Minimum), 2GB (Recommended)
  • Hard Disk Space: 15MB
  • A high-speed internet
  • Browser: Safari 7.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox – current and most recent versions, Google Chrome – with recent versions
  • RAM:  At least 128MB
  • Free hard drive Space: 15MB

Webroot research and development team are working on an upcoming version of Mac OS X 10.15 (Catalina)

For Android & IOS

  • An internet service with good speed 3G/4G or WiFi
  • Android version 4.4 – Kit Kat or higher on any android compatible phone & Tablet
  • For android, it requires at least 3 Mb free space
  • iOS 10 or later, Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

In order to download and install visit the link install & download the product. Once the product is downloaded it can be activated with the help of 20-digit alphanumeric key code. For any assistance visit or call our support no at XXXX-XXX-XXX.

2019 Install Webroot Webroot Safe Activate Webroot Software

Webroot Account Activation & Webroot Login

Webroot Account Activation

All Webroot product has to be Licensed or activated in order to protect the system against, Viruses, Worms, Trojan, Malware, identity theft. It can be activated either entering the License key during installation else on upon Webroot account activation. Webroot account activation is a method through which key has to redeemed with account and then it can be reinstalled end-number of times without using Keycode. The reinstallation can be done from an account by signing in to account signing in link How user-friendly has been built this program and this is why the popularity of this program growing massively. The account activation process has been explained below.

  1. At the very 1st place account has to be created.
  2. Visit the link on to the browser.
  3. Click on sign up and enter the details e.g. Name, Email and password.
  4. Click on create an account, A verification email would be sent from
  5. Go to your email & click on the Webroot account activation verification link to verify.
  6. Scratch the retail card.
  7. Find the 20-digit Alpha-numeric key code.
  8. Visit the webroot account login page by visiting the link
  9. For some reason, if the link does not work then you may also visit the link to sign in.
  10. Click on redeem and enter the Keycode.

Once this process is done further it’s not required to keep the key for reinstallation, simply sign in to account by visiting the link and click on install, the installation will take place without asking Keycode. For any assistant contact to “Webroot antivirus phone number/support number” or Visit

Webroot Login

Webroot is also known as Excellent malware protection product and it handles malware in a different way from another antivirus. Most of the banks and other reputed organization tie-ups with Webroot to make their domain safe so that they can offer the user a safe and secure interface. For user-level there have been several products available and list of products can be found by visiting the link Customer experience related to Webroot login such as.

  • Scenario 1: Webroot Secure anywhere may appear in red color & may ask to log in
  • Scenario 2: error: Verify your Webroot account
  • Scenario 3: Unable to log in to

In order to overcome the mentioned issues, Webroot account login credential is required.

Scenario 1: If the program appears with red color.

  1. Reboot the system.
  2. If still, it appears red, go to my account section and enter the login credentials.
  3. If the credential is correct however still the programs appear in red then uninstall and reinstall the product from Webroot account
  4. If a credential is incorrect then the password has to reset. For further assistant Visit

Scenario 2: Error: Verify Webroot account. This is also Webroot account log in related error wherein Webroot app unable to synchronize with Webroot server. Most of the time by rebooting the system it works however if it fails to log in even after reboot then uninstalls the program and reinstall. Still, same error then checks if.

  1. Proxy is enabled.
  2. Internet is working or Fluctuating.
  3. Run a malware scan.
  4. Reboot the router.
  5. Use manual DNS e.g. or

Even after performing all these steps if the webroot app giving verify error then either Webroot account has never been verified or re-verification is required.

  1. Go to the Webroot program.
  2. Go to my account section.
  3. Check and confirm if the Email associated with the Webroot account is correct.
  4. Click on verify my account.
  5. Check your email and click on the link to verify your account sent by
  6. On successful verification, Shut down Webroot, Right-click on Webroot from system tray & click on shut down.
  7. Enter the CAPTCHA displayed on the screen.
  8. Re-open Webroot secure anywhere, it should else reboot the system.
  9. If still same error then uninstall and reinstall the program.

At any point of time for any Technical assistant call to our support no XXXX-XXX-XXX or Visit

2019 Webroot Safe Activate Webroot Secure Webroot Secureanywhere

Activate Webroot Secure Anywhere

Webroot Secure Anywhere

There is no doubt that users are immensely accepting Webroot secure anywhere is as the best antivirus in the ongoing market or in this generation. It always stands to protect the system against malicious software, Viruses, trojan, malware etc. It has the ability to detect and identifying potential malware and computer viruses, it also possesses a firewall to stop any virus, worm, trojan or adware that attempts to penetrate the system.

Webroot secure anywhere is an advanced antivirus solution which tracks traffic to the because it alerts about suspicious phishing website which can harm a system. For more details about feature visit

These are the reason because of which Webroot secure anywhere proliferating on the market and becoming first choice of user while selecting antivirus. It is most reliable and the oldest antivirus program across the globe. The software is made light because of this feature users take the advantage to install the software quickly and can activate very easily.

Activate Webroot Secure Anywhere

In order to activate Webroot using keycode is as follows. If Webroot is already Installed, the 20-digit product License key code can be used on an existing program without installing.

For Windows Platform

  • Open Webroot secure anywhere from system tray icons.
  • Go to my account, refer to the site
  • If you have the retail card, scratch it and find the 20- digit alphanumeric key.
  • If you have a disc, the Keycode is given on the CD.
  • If you have purchased online, a key must be in your email.
  • Enter the key code on activate option & click on submit.
  • While activating during any assistance Visit

For Mac Platform

The Webroot icon is located at the menu bar at the top.

  • Open “Webroot secure anywhere”
  • Click on activate.
  • On to the activation, wizard enter the Activation code click on submit.

What if activation fails, in that situation verify the key code, because most of the time users make mistake while recognizing B/8, S/5, S/8, I/1.

After activation always verify the subscription by clicking on My account and click on my subscription. The subscription will start the day on which it has been installed and activated for the 1st time i.e. the key has been used for the first time. The subscription can also be verified on