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Webroot Error code 10

Cause of Webroot Error code 10

This error message can appear at any time during downloading or installing or uninstalling. The troubleshooting steps can be found on however few basic steps have been given below

How to Fix Webroot Error code 10

  • Restart the computer. Several times by restarting the PC can fix this error message, for that close all opened application and go to start & click on the restart and after reboot check for the error message.
  • Repairing registry is also an alternative solution. Open Run prompt by pressing Windows + r & in the run box type Regedit and Registry windows appears, search for “Webroot error code 10” in registry & delete them.
  • Disk clean up: On to the windows search box type “disk cleanup” & open the disk clean up window & clean all junk files by following the instruction given on the wizard.
  • Run windows update to make the system up to date and driver as well.
  • Uninstall or reinstall Webroot secure anywhere from the link

For any assistance visit


2019 Install Webroot Webroot Safe Webroot Safe Activate Webroot Secure Webroot Secureanywhere



The installation process has been made so easy that any computer home user can install it without any guidance; however, for any assistance can visit the site It is incredibly easy to set up and install Webroot antivirus security program. Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus products can easily be installed on your network and upgraded to handle cybersecurity in the best possible manner.

  • Make sure that you have good internet connection as it has to be installed from the internet rather using the installation disc
  • Be handy with the 20-digit Alpha-Numeric Product License key code, which is available at the backside of the retail card.
  • Download the setup file from
  • Run the downloaded setup file and follow the wizard, enter the Product License key code when it prompts and click on submit.
  • Wait till installation wizard finish
  • Update the virus definition and scan the system.

If the installation is interrupted then check if the internet is slow or any other antivirus is installed on the system, retry after rebooting the system for any further troubleshooting steps visit


Webroot internet security complete 2019:

Webroot internet security complete 2019

This version of Webroot antivirus is the premium version in the home segment which can fulfill all the need of users in terms of security along with online storage.
Webroot extends real-time protection, anti-phishing defense, virus protection, identity theft protection to protect all your personal information and data.

While doing online activities such as browsing, shopping or socializing, Webroot Internet security complete 2019 offers complete protection of confidential information such as Login credentials, credit card information to make you safe so that you can safely do online shopping, browsing, Online banking.
Just for the testing purpose, it can be used as a trial version for 30 days without paying, once it satisfies all your requirement the full version can be purchased online. Once it is purchased online, a confirmation email would be sent by Webroot along with 20-digit Alpha-Numeric product License key code. That email contains installation guide however you may visit for more information.

2019 Webroot Safe Webroot Secureanywhere

Webroot Safe Antivirus Software | website redirecting issue

Webroot safe antivirus software

is more than an antivirus, It also works as an anti-Malware. It protects the system against viruses, worms, spyware, harmful website by blocking, adware, etc. Spyware consistently works while stealing information and send it to someone else. Some spyware changes system settings and slows down computer performance. Several user experiences

  • website redirecting issue
  • Browser freezing
  • Fake search
  • Fake pop up and started the automatic fake program installation protects you from such attempts to infect your system. Webroot secure anywhere is such a wonderful security program that it is very aggressive frustrates malware in several ways. It scans the computer and quarantine and blocks the detected viruses in your system. It keeps scanning at the background without letting you and wherever it finds any threats, immediately it deleted the infection.

Webroot Internet Security has an attractive  feature such as

Accessing the internet in Public network or hotspot become very common such as: in Airport, Mc D, Cafes, Hotels, Shopping Mall, etc.  and many users believe that connecting to such public networks are safe however it is not. You must protect your device when you are connected to Public network and the best way is to install Webroot safe antivirus. With the help of Webroot VPN feature, it encrypts your Internet connection to protect your privacy and secure your internet connection. While using Webroot Wi-Fi security VPN, no one even ISP can see what information you are sending over the network.

2019 Install Webroot Webroot Safe Activate Webroot Secureanywhere Webroot Software

Enter Product Key- webroot com safe

How to Enter Webroot com safe Product Key?

Before proceeding with installation, you must have a Product license key. During installation Enter Product key to get it activated. Webroot discount offer is available online on or it is available in stores in the form of CD or retails card. The license key consists of 20 digits Alphanumeric. On the CD case, the key is given however if it’s a retails card then the key can be obtained by scratching.

Without the key the product can not function and will behave just like a disabled. On successful activation, it will be active and will have the ability to detect threats. If the product is installed and active, then the license information can be found by following

  • Find Webroot secure anywhere from the system tray
  • Open the main interface or the user console
  • Go to my Account
  • Click on key code and subscription information

However, in the case of Mac, it’s different

  • Locate Webroot Internet Security complete 2019 icon in the menu bar then click on the program
  • On to the main program console, go to my account
  • Click on key code find the license key of if you want to renew & have a new activation key then Enter Product key to renew further.

Subscription can be checked by visiting

2019 Install Webroot Webroot Safe Webroot Safe Activate

WEBROOT.COM/SAFE Reinstall Webroot safe

Reinstall webroot products go to

Is your computer running out of a security or is your Webroot secure anywhere expired. Do not use your computer without security, get Webroot today and install on your system to keep your system safe and secure. You should not use a computer without security because you never when your system is infected with viruses, trojan, malware etc. Hence we must install an antivirus program which protects the system against

  • Viruses
  • Trojan
  • Malware, adware
  • Cyberattack (e.g. Crypto locker Ransomware)
  • Malicious application

Apart from all the mentioned features, the program must have Realtime protection feature & is the only security programs which have all these features.

There are several channels through it can be purchased from

  • Online com/secure
  • Retail store
  • Any other shopping website

The License key or the activation consists of 20 Digit alphanumeric key and it can be found.

When it is purchased from a retail store, at the backside of the card there is a sticker, After peeling the sticker the key code can be found.

If the product is purchased from Online then the key code must be in your email inbox.

For more information visit
Activate webroot
2019 Install Webroot Webroot Safe Webroot Safe Activate Webroot Secureanywhere Webroot Support online

How to Transfer Webroot Security from OLD PC to New Computer | Multiuser product key

Webroot Security From OLD PC To New Computer

Webroot is one of the best leading companies which provide security against Viruses, Trojan, Malware, adware, Ransomwares etc. It keeps developing its virus definition for its security program to make the security program more active in order to provide safety against threats. The subscription of this program is so flexi that it can be installed on end number of devices. This convenient feature is help user to transfer their security subscription to another devices with continuity of the active subscription. For more information visit

No body knows about uncertainty of an electronic device, a functional computer may not function tomorrow. User may not use a computer because of the age of the PC (became Old PC) and want to buy a new. Now the question is what will happen with the active license which was installed on the system on the explained scenario. No worry, Webroot secure anywhere gives flexibility that the same active subscription can be re-used on to New PC or on to Old PC again.

Stepwise procedure has been described bellow in order to transfer the subscription from Old PC to new PC or how-to re-use of the active subscription to any device.


Below given steps are to transfer Webroot subscription to new device. All the steps have to be followed in ascending order easy installation. Make sure that you must have 20-digit Alpha numeric key code. There are two way through which the installation can be done one is by using the key code directly during installation and the other one is installing from account.

Installing Webroot secure anywhere by using the key code.

Step 1: Be ready with the Webroot activation key

Step 2: You must have a high-speed Internet connectivity on your system wherein Webroot subscription is record  to transfer

Step 3: Make sure that the specification of the system is meeting the requirement of Webroot installation, for more details visit

Step 4: Open the browser to visit the link

Step 5: Download the set-up file wsainstall.exe

Step 6: Run the setup file and enter the activation key during installation wizard

Step 7: Click on submit and wait till the installation get completed

Step 8: Run introductory quick scan and restart the computer

Well transferring the Webroot subscription to another device sometimes the Webroot interface appears in red after installation that means the subscription has not been transferred properly in that case open the web root control which is look at it on the system tray.

  • Click on menu button
  • from the drop-down menu click on my account
  • on this console Brute subscription would be displayed
  • click on re-enter the activation key and enter the activation key again
  • click on submit

now it should work however for some reason if it doesn’t work uninstall the Webroot version and restart the computer. check if Internet is working properly or if there’s any fluctuation, if the Internet connectivity is proper then by following the above-mentioned steps, reinstall Webroot secure anywhere. What if Webroot activation error appears even after reinstallation then uninstall it from old Device and after uninstallation from old device, it is required to restart the new device.

How to uninstall Webroot subscription from older devices:-

If the License of a user has been installed to maximum number of device or exceeded number of devices allowed, then it violates License validation policy refer to the site for License and agreement. In such cases you must uninstall the antivirus program from Old PC to bring the active license up to number of allowed devices, e.g. if License is valid for 5 users and if the program is installed on 6 devices then from one of the devices Webroot antivirus has to be uninstalled to bring the active license for 5 deices.

In order to uninstall Webroot Software from the older device.

Step 1: Go to control Panel and select “Programs and feature” the run prompt type: Appwiz.cpl

Step 2: Windows 10 user can also user Power menu. Press “WINDOWS” key and “X” key and select “Apps and Feature”

Step 3: Select the “Program” and click on uninstall.

Step 4: Reboot the system after successful uninstallation.

Transferring Webroot subscription to new device by using my Account

Webroot can also be installed from Webroot account. When you have the key code, it is required to redeem the key with Webroot account at the 1st place and for that you must have an account. For more details how to create Webroot account visit install.

Below described steps will help you to install Webroot easily from account.

Step 1: Open the link on to the browser & Login with username & password.

Step 2: Click on My subscription. This will display, on how many devices this program is installed.

Step 3: Click on my subscription to check your subscription information & click on download & run installation

Step 4: Follow the installation wizard

If the installation fails

  • Reboot the system
  • Run malware scan or delete temporary & prefetch File
  • Uninstall & reinstall

For any further support contact Webroot expert support Team or call at XXXX-XXX-XXX.

Multi-User Product key

Webroot discount offer is available for multi-user License, Multi-user License is one license can be used for multiple devices. Remember those days when Every PC had one individual Webroot license was used however Webroot secure anywhere had minimized this gap that now one license can be used on multiple PC’s. If one user has 5 PC and once has been used however, he wants to install on another PC & it can be done very easily. The License can be verified online

Open the browser on another PC & follow the same installation process as explained above & during the activation wizard use the same License key which is used on 1 st PC. This is how it can be installed on 3rd, 4rth PC depending upon the number License you have.

The benefit of Multi-user License is that, you don’t have to purchase separately for multiple device & one license is enough to handle multiple PC.