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Reinstall Webroot with key code –

The popularity or the demand of any product is because of its feature, value, cost and service. Bringing a new technology and feature of a product is an exciting venture. If the customers need is identified however comprehensive solutions are not available, these kinds of research are being conducted by a reputed company and this is what Webroot secure anywhere is doing. Basis on the need of end-user, enterprises designs antiviruses to meet their requirement without compromising at any front. The market study identified the cause of popularity of this programs are

  • Cost affective (cheaper price)
  • Consume very less system memory
  • One License for Multiple user
  • Easy to download and install
  • Very strong Firewall and effective

Smartphone users are increasing day by day and users find most of the features of a computer in smartphone hence it is recommended to protect smartphones as like as computers. The development of this new phase was initiated by Webroot Internet Security to protect your smart with is an antivirus internet security solution for end-user and enterprise users with various products i.e. products are being designed for home-segment computers, small/large offices as well as huge business enterprises to prevent potential dangers in real time. For more details about the product please visit

If it is required to reinstall, the reinstallation process does not take even a minute. Be advised of the followings before you reinstall Webroot with key code

  • There should be a high-speed internet connectivity to PC/Laptop
  • Be handy with 20-digit key code which was obtained by scratching the retail card.
  • Identify the cause of reinstallation, if the program is not functioning then
    1. Try rebooting the PC
    2. Try deleting the temporary & Prefetch file
    3. Try Disk clean up
    4. Check if the internet is working properly
  • Make sure to uninstall the existing Webroot secure anywhere
  • Check if there is any fake program or antivirus is installed, Uninstall then them if it is found.
  • Reboot the PC
  • Open the browser & on to the address bar type the link alternatively you may type
  • Then setup file with the name WSAINSTALL.EXE will be downloaded & initiate installation
  • On upon activation screen Enter the Key code & wait till complete installation take place.
  • Run a complete scan once after installation.

For any assistance either visit else call at XXXX-XXX-XXX.

Re-use Webroot Product

The re use of Webroot can be done without any worry. Webroot always give priority on customers need work every possible way to customers expectation and satisfaction. There are certain scenarios wherein re use of Webroot product take place.

  • System not functioning and purchased a new PC; installation is required to do in new system
  • During reinstall
  • Has one License for multiple PC & required to install on another PC
  • Program is not functioning
  • System freezing due to improper Webroot installation
  • It is conflicting with another install antivirus and reinstallation required.There are two way through which we can re-use Webroot product
  • Re-Use Webroot key during the installation
  • Redeem the key with Webroot account & reinstall from account

Re-Use Webroot key during installation:

  • Be ready with a high-speed internet connection
  • Open the browser (Internet explorer, chrome, Firefox etc.)
  • Type the link on to the browser address bar or type in the search box “Webroot download installation”
  • Download the setup file
  • Locate the file and double click on the file to install it.
  • Once the installation initiated wait till activation wizard screen appear
  • Enter the key code & click on submit
  • Once the installation is over, scan the computer thoroughly.

Redeem the key with Webroot account & reinstall from account

Before redeeming the key code make sure to scratch the retail card & find the key code at the same time make sure that your PC is running with good internet connection. Once the key is obtained

  • You must create an account with
  • On to the browser address bar type install
  • Click on sign up to create an account or sign in if you have already account
  • Type your name, email address and phone number, password and the security question in respective fields
  • Click on create account
  • Go to your email and check if there is any email from webroot for the verification purpose
  • A verification link will be there in that email, click on that to verify
  • Once the verification is done, click activate your key and click on submit after enring the key or directly type the link on to the browser and enter the key
  • Click on next, Webroot account log in page will be displayed and sign in with the credentials

Once the key is redeemed, end number of time installation can be done till the time the license allows to install.
e.g. if the license is valid for 5 PC then it can be installed up to any 5 devices.

When you need any Technical assistance dial XXX-XXX-XXXX or visit

Webroot keycode ripped

Webroot secure anywhere keycode can be obtained by peeling the sticker and sometime users reported that keycode is ripped or tore. In this scenario, at the back of box there is a code available that starts with WBR which is usually located near the barcode on the box. It also can be found at the bottom of the Best buy purchase receipt.

Note down the code & follow the following instructions

  • Visit on to the browser
  • Type your email address, WBR code, name and Phone number
  • Enter the CAPTCHA
  • Click on submit

Note** All key codes are mapped with the code starts with WBR and it is unique
On up receipt of that email, our support team will verify the code & will share the keycode through email.

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